Halloween Costume Ideas


I will be on a team of 1 to complete my halloween costume. I have 3 ideas that I have sketched:


My first idea is to design a lit up fringe turtleneck top reminiscent of the 1960s go-go era. I want to sew on the fringe elements under the arms of the sleeves and on some of the fringes put some neopixel leds. I want to leds to gradually glow.



My second idea is to design a halo crown similar to the one Beyonce wore when she announced her second pregnancy to the world and preformed. I would drill holes in a headband and put the  golden sticks inside. Before that I would attach yellow leds to each stick.



My last idea is a pair of pirate pants that would alternate strips of yellow and green led lights. I would attach stips of that fabric to the pants and then neopixel leds to the strips.





2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. Fun ideas, Victoria! Are you leaning towards one or another? I’d encourage you to imagine what the costume might look like from a distance, in low lighting. The crown might appear as points of light– is that your intention? Here’s a neat laser-cut crown that uses edge-lit acrylic: https://www.instructables.com/id/Laser-Crown/

    For your fringe idea, you might look at side-emitting NeoPixel strip, but it is sorta fragile. https://www.adafruit.com/?q=side%20neopixel As an alternative look at this more durable strip: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3630

    1. Hi Becky! Im really leaning toward the fringe. I think it would have a really cool effect!

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