Halloween Costume Brainstorming

Hello, for our final project, I came up with 4 ideas from brainstorming.


1.A magic wand

My first idea is making a magic wand that has microphone(sound sensor) in it. It will start to light up in noisy environment, so it can work as a warning in dangerous situation. I will be making the handle part by rolling cardboard. The handle part is going to be hollow so the lines can be put inside it.

2.A glowing broomstick

My second idea is a glowing broomstick. The bristle will be made by using dried Raffia. It will have a ball(maybe styrofoam) inside so that I can attach my leds and sensors to the ball. This broomstick will have tilt switch inside, so that whenever I sweep, it will glow.

/ Also I thought about making the handle, not the bristle to light up.



3.The third idea that I came up with is a headband. Two horns will be attached to the band and it will have tilt sensor inside each horn. Therefore whenever the user dances, the horns will show lights!

4.My last idea is a glowing mask. I was thinking about attaching leds to the upper part of the mask and then place the switch at the stick part. For this product, I thought it would be better to not use a sensor but let the user control the light, since this has a stick and the user has to hold the stick anyway.


I am already excited about this project! Can’t wait to see other classmates’ ideas:)

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