Halloween Proposal

Hi guys!

Below are three proposals for my LED/Halloween mash up!

My first choice would be the “Crypt Cat” as I am going to a themed party on Halloween and it fits well with the theme. This would involve a cat “hood” construction with LED’s hidden and diffused through the inside of the ears and potentially also as decorative elements. I would love to also try LED cat claw gloves – using the Thermoplastic to shape claws and attaching them to gloves with LED’s lighting up the claw tips.


Other thoughts included a Medusa Snake Headband with LED glowing snakes and a Butterfly/moth wings with LED’s sewn on the wing mesh.




One thought on “Halloween Proposal”

  1. Super fun brainstorm, Stephanie! The cat ears/gloves seems very promising. You are correct in assuming that wiring a bunch of lights over a set of flexible wings can be very challenging. =D Wiring the cat claws will be too, but perhaps less fragile. Are you thinking of using a sensor of some sort to trigger the LEDs to do different things? You might simplify to focus on just the ears or just the gloves if you think it’s too much to do both. Will each glove be its own independent circuit, or will the gloves be wired into the rest of your costume somehow?

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