Homework 10: Blinking and Buttons and Final Project Ideas

Here is my blinking onboard led from the huzzah:


Huzzah Button Test:


Here are my 3 ideas for my final project:

My first idea is a plant holder that provides light to the plant but also has the predicts the weather for the next day by changing the color of the light.


Idea #2 is a portable dining table for people who have to eat meals away from home or at their desk. The main goal is to ritualize eating again even if we have to rush or eat alone. It would sense when plates were loaded onto the tray and it would light up with a calming sequence of colors and also post on twitter that you are eating and that you should not be bothered for  the next hour.



Idea #3 is a small lamp that you attach to your wall. It senses you coming and then it lights up with the weather forecast for the day so you don’t forget your umbrella after you’ve left the front door and have to come back like I often do.


One thought on “Homework 10: Blinking and Buttons and Final Project Ideas”

  1. Great brainstorm, Victoria! All these ideas are totally doable for your final project. A tutorial comes to mind that is similar to your first and third ideas, using the weather forecast to change pixel colors: https://www.instructables.com/id/WiFi-Weather-Display-With-ESP8266/

    For plants, a broad range of light wavelengths is required to mimic the sun. I don’t have much experience in this area (have never used LEDs to grow plants), but seen more than one friend kill plants with spectrally-insufficient LEDs in the past, so some research and specific parts sourcing would be required. Last time I talked to Marko he seemed to have heard of a few products that address this, which could perhaps be researched to see what kinds of LEDs are being used.

    Two projects come to mind as related to your second idea (both use more complicated ways to send a message to Twitter than the IoT class describes, but are useful for conceptual framing):
    Another tech output idea might be to set your Slack status or change a light on your desk from green to red, for example.


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