Jellyfish Costume-Final Retrospective



My costume was completed in time for Halloween and I am pretty satisfied with the way it came out. For how much attention I had to pay to the details of the wiring, I would say this was a success.


  • 1 Cotton Shirt
  • 1 yard of fringe
  • 30 feet of white wire
  • 10 neopixel leds
  • thread
  • circuit.

Initial Sketch and circuit diagram:



The longest processes by far was sewing all the fringe onto the shirt and then measuring all the white wire for the neopixels. after I measured out each length between the neopixels, I had to cut 3 pieces for power, ground and input. Then I had to put the neopixels on the tassels.

So I wanted the the neopixels initially to twinkle with white and blue lights when I lifted my arms up. Unfortunately, I underestimated just how long sewing the tassels, glueing them and adhering the neopixels would be that by the time I finished doing that, I went for the easiest code possible in terms of what to do. I ended up editing the neopixel code we used earlier in the semester.