Toy Sound Pad Tear Down

Original Pad

This is the toy sounds pad, push the button and the surface will brighten and play the music.

Tear Down With Number-01


Back Mask

Element 1: The back mask of the toy sounds pad, and there is the battery slot on it, and it could put the batteries inside it.

Element 2: Four separate front masks, and there is the aluminum sheet on it to attach the frame and make it conduct electricity.


Element 3:  The whole body of the front mask, and in the middle there is the space to put the logic board and the speaker module in it. Besides the shape is suitable for all of the elements to put inside, there is some adhesive on it to attach it nicely.


Element 4:  This is the only one element attach on the back mask, I think it is the small logical board for the monitor, and this is the 3001-06-7501897 model.Speaker

Element 5: The speaker module makes the toy sounds pad play the music.


Element 6: It is the small monitor it attaches on the surface and shows some information.


Element 7: This is the 3001-06-1501894 logical board, and there are lots of frames attached by adhesive on it.


Element 8: Lots of optical frame in order let the four separate front masks brighten

Element 9:  The mask of the battery slot.


Interesting things

1 The first interesting element is the speaker module. After I open the case and did not tear down it yet, I still could feel the vibrate and sound when I push the button, it is weird but amazing feeling. This element is really small and not that big as I thought.

2 And the small monitor is really interesting, I never thought that there is the monitor small like this one. And how the mechanical work inside this small monitor is really interesting for me.