Headphone Teardown

I got a broken fancy Beats headphone from a friend, which is cool, cause I always wanted to see what it’s like inside a headphone. And Beats by Dr.dre has always been a super popular brand, it’s more of a fashion accessory than an entertainment device to me.

Step 1. Open the shell

-Take out the rubber pad

-Take out the leather cover

I enjoyed playing with the joint part, the machined aluminum

does a great job of connecting the speaker with the headband.

Step 2. Remove the screws

Left- They glued it after it has been screwed, so it took me a lot of effort to unscrew the metal part.

Right- the speaker part has been tightly glued, it can’t be taken out.


Step 3. Tear down the rest part using hand

Interesting findings

  1. I like the way the inner plastic piece made, it holds all the cables in place steadily.
  2. Surprisingly, instead of using tenon, they glued almost every part of the components. I was expected that there will be a lot of clever processing method.Overall, even though there were some differences from my expectation, I still learned a lot about how does a headphone works.

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