Cordless Phone Tear Down

I would like to present the tear-down of a Panasonic digital cordless phone with a base unit and handset

The initial breakdown only required popping off the handset battery cover (a) and using a Philips screwdriver to take out screws from the back covers

The front and back covers of both devices required just a flathead screwdriver to separate.
Initial view of the internals

Starting with the base unit, I first detached the motherboard using wire cutters, although one could use a desoldering wire as well.

The motherboard:


9Directly below the motherboard was a button board that contains button contacts over which the button pads sit.  I removed the screws to free the button board and charging dock.

14There are three additional parts that were initially attached to the motherboard:

  1. RJ11 Phone socket
  2. DC Power Jack
  3. Speaker

Next up, the handset!


I used wire cutters to free the motherboard from the back speaker, which was held down by a plastic part that twists off.

I then removed the screws attaching the motherboard to the front cover and took the battery contacts and charging contacts off.

Here are some of the parts I identified right away:

  1. Motherboard
  2. Button pad
  3. Battery contacts
  4. Charging contacts
  5. YD2052-72 Loudspeaker


From the front of the motherboard:

  1. Speaker
  2. Monochrome LCD Display Module
  3. Electret Microphone


Some additional parts from the base unit:

  1. Top cover
  2. Back cover
  3. Charging port
  4. Button pad frame
  5. Button pad
  6. Button pad
  7. “Play” Button pad

My Findings

In the process of completing this tear-down, I noted that the handset back speaker and base unit speakers were attached using a plastic piece that twists off easily.  I am interested in learning why these particular components were not secured using screws as the other parts were.  I also found it rather difficult to identify the smaller components on the circuit part without a deeper understanding of electronics, so I’m eager to gain the knowledge to improve on this later on.

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