kSafe Lid Tear Down

For this assignment, I took apart the kSafe Time Lock Safe lid. The product is a plastic container with a lid that the user can set a timer with a large round dial button that activate a locking mechanism. I was curious to explore how the electronic and mechanical systems in this lid worked together to create this lock system. The shell of the lid is made of a hard red plastic with a top and bottom main piece pressed together securely, making the initial deconstruction rather difficult. I had to use a chisel and hammer to pry the two outer pieces of the lid open.

Process Shot 1

Here is a timelapse of how I disassembled the object after hammer the outer skeleton apart in the woodshop:

Object Parts:


  1. Bottom cover where mechanical gears are placed
  2. Top cover with dial button and digital screen frame
  3. Pieces of the slide-out lock mechanism
  4. AA batteries and battery cover
  5. Dial button
  6. Wheeltrain gear parts with large wheel and smaller wheel containing mechanical motor parts
  7. Digital screen and plastic cover that secured screen to control board.
  8. Control board with M430F412-REV microchip. Connected to touch sensor for button dial.


Process Shot 2Process Shot 3

Interesting Finds:

  1. I was surprised at how simple the electronic and mechanical setup of this object is, but it made it easier for me to track how the locking mechanism takes place and how all the components work together.
  2. I am interested in learning more about the touch sensor that activates the locking mechanism. It’s also connection to the digital output of the screen as the timer is set through turning the dial.
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