Infinity Mirror: “the Dad Joke of Halloween Costumes”


Whoa! It’s like you have a hole in your chest!! Nice!!!

—Random Parade-Go’er






  • Shortbread cookie tin with cookies
  • 2x acrylic one sided glass same diameter as cookie tin
  • Electroluminescent tape
  • 4xAAA battery inverter
  • Suspenders
  • Black hoodie
  • Rivets


  1. Eat the shortbread cookies
  2. Laser cut the one sided glass into circles
  3. Stick EL tape to inside of the walls of the tin
  4. Rivet the tin to the suspenders
  5. Glue the mirrors into place
  6. Cut hole slightly smaller than the tin into the chest of the sweatshirt
  7. Punch holes every 1/2″ into the lid of the tin
  8. Sew lid to sweatshirt.
  9. Don the infinity mirror and blow everyone’s mind and induce barely-audible chuckles

In the future:

  • Use more robust housing than the tin such as ply wood.
  • Make a second one on the back


Much fun during the parade!


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