Huzzah! Internet of Things!

This week we got our feet wet with the Huzzah!
LED Test:

I also got the Huzzah to connect to the internet:

Button and LED:

Apologies for the late edit! Here are the 3 ideas for my project.  IMG_5382

The top idea involves a sensor that will let me know with a “happy” or “sad” face on a screen when my plants require watering.  I’ve been a very bad plant dad to poor Chloe, my money plant, so I think this intervention may be necessary for her survival.

The second idea checks the weather each day and gives me recommendations for things to wear or carry, such as an umbrella for rainy weather.

The last idea will search news feeds for mentions of Trump and let me know on days when I should actively avoid the news.  This could also be modified to open up a piggy bank so that I can treat myself on days that may be particularly depressing.

One thought on “Huzzah! Internet of Things!”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Yuko!

    1. very straightforward, and similar to an idea on ___’s list.
    Here’s a soil moisture sensor:
    Here’s a small matrix display:
    and a tutorial for animating multiples:
    it would be cool to alert you when to water the plant, like if the sensor moisture has been under a certain level for a certain amount of time (every 2 weeks?) maybe the todoist app or google calendar could be used with IFTTT and your Adafruit IO sensor data.

    2. Here’s my similar weather project tutorial:

    3. Could use similar code to project linked above, but twitter input instead of weather input. For the piggy bank add-on feature, would it release coins? Might candy be better? Or transfer money into your checking, savings, or investment account? Here’s an alphanumeric featherwing display: and here’s a simple candy dispenser:

    Let me know what questions you may have!

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