Week 10: Final Project Proposals

Here are my 3 ideas for my final project:

Idea 1:


It is an accompany lamp that put on your working table. The color of light is warm yellow. When you touch the body of it, it will show red light which means she is shy. Also when you open the light, it may turn from warm yellow to purple which means she wants you to play with her.

Also, in the morning, it will change color due to the weather outside as a reminder what weather is today.


Idea 2:


Sometimes I may forget to close the fridge or use too much strength to close the door which will bounce off but I do not notice that, so this is a reminder which put at the fridge to remind you to close the fridge. If you do not close the fridge, this reminder will play some music to remind you to close the fridge.


Idea 3:


Previously, the smart medicine box does not show what the medicine is in each box. But the medicine always looks very similar. This medicine box is to tell you what medicine is inside ( which you input it when you put the medicine inside the box) and remind you the time to take it.

One thought on “Week 10: Final Project Proposals”

  1. Awesome brainstorm, Yufei!
    1. This is a fun idea, but it may be too much interaction to combine into one object for the time we have left in class. The weather-monitoring aspect is similar to this tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/WiFi-Weather-Display-With-ESP8266/ and you could use a captouch sensor to detect touch: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1375 You may also have the latency problem others experienced for Halloween, where the Arduino isn’t listening to the sensor while it’s playing an LED animation.

    2. This seems like the winner to me. My boyfriend does this far too regularly, after I go to sleep he leaves the door slightly open, ruining all our food overnight. The fridge itself makes a noise but it’s not loud enough. It would be awesome to integrate an internet-connected sensor to alert your phone if you leave the door open. It could be a temperature sensor (https://www.adafruit.com/product/165) or light sensor (like the photoresistor you already have).

    3. Let’s avoid medical devices for this project.

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