Week 10 homework

Here is my first idea, name GoodNight.

GoodNight could detect the darkness of surroundings, so if I turn off the light, it will light up itself and show the time on the surfaces. So I do not need to turn on the other night light.IMG_2185


My second idea is a small fan. And it could detect the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the house. If the Carbon Dioxide concentration is too high, and it would turn on the fan automatically. So I do not need to open the door after I cooked.



The last idea is the simple toys for play. When I throw something onto the 9×9 board, and the board which is impacted would light up and show the scores. So when people stress out could play this game with their friends or classmates.


One thought on “Week 10 homework”

  1. Hi Elvis, great brainstorm!
    1. The idea of auto-detecting darkness is a nice one, doable with a photoresistor (you already have) or the time-of-day as counted on the device or through the internet. One thing to note is that Arduinos don’t keep time very well, they need some help from a Realtime Clock Module (RTC) or fetch the time from online. How would you display the time? Here’s a few different styles of LCD arduino shield: https://www.adafruit.com/?q=lcd%20shield%20kit and an RTC: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3296 https://learn.adafruit.com/ds1307-real-time-clock-breakout-board-kit

    2. Your second idea hits on an interesting interaction of sensing the invisible, but I’m not sure CO2 is the thing you really want to be measuring. Additionally, sensing gasses precisely is very difficult without a control environment to calibrate the sensors. If it’s always coordinated with cooking, it may be easier to detect a temperature change near the stove. Consider using an off-the-shelf fan and controlling it with a relay such as https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-power-relay-featherwing

    3. This sounds fun but BIG and therefore may be difficult to execute in the time we have left. you’d need a different sensor for each pad, and it might be difficult to test until you are pretty far along. Suggest picking one of the other ideas for scope.

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