IoT Arduino Exercises and Final Project Ideas

For my final project, I want to focus on making an IoT product that will help me take better care of my plants as a plant rookie. Below are my two proposals:


The first idea I have is to create plate that goes under your planter and has a flexible sensor coming out of the middle that sticks up and is embedded in the soil. The sensor will measure moisture levels and when you overwater your plant, it will turn pink and when your plant needs more water, the plate will remind you by turning blue.


The second idea I have is a light sensor that you can stick by a window or other areas of your home that will measure the light data in that corner and let you know what kind of plants are suitable to be placed in that area.

Wifi Connection 1:

Wifi Connection 2:

Huzzah LED test:


One thought on “IoT Arduino Exercises and Final Project Ideas”

  1. Cool ideas, Helen! Both are entirely feasible for your final project. I have some parts suggestions.

    if you use your feather huzzah board, you could also have the device alert you somehow (sms, email, etc). Reminds me of this OG IoT project:

    2. you could use a photocell for this (you already have one), and either have your feather huzzah log the data to adafruit io, or store the data locally with something like this: (for your Metro) or this: (for your Feather)

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