Pomodoro Lamp

For my final project, I created a Pomodoro lamp, Lucee. You can turn on the light by creating a task on your IOS reminder app. The light is turned on for 40 minutes for you to focus and it turns itself off for the 10 minutes of break time. Once you complete the task, and by hitting the complete button on the app, the light would also turn off.


The biggest challenge was working with the servo motor. My original intent to move the light bulb up and down was challenged. I may have to work with a lever or gear chain system to support and trigger the motor.

I enjoyed working with Arduino and the internet of things. I learned how to use the Power Relay and connecting it to AC circuit.

For the next step, I would like to dig into the mechanical engineering of the movement and play with the idea of dimming of the light as the time goes on.

Here‘s the link to my instructable.

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