Dish Buddy!

Hi all, hopefully most of you are already in bed by now!

Say hello to Dish Buddy:


Dirty dish buddy is a simple sink grid sitting on top of a push button. This is connected to a WiFi-enabled Arduino hidden within a modest enclosure. When someone places a dish on the sink grid, this presses the button. If the dish stays there for more than 5 minutes, whoever is looking after the sink will get an email alert. Once they see this email, they can track down the culprit before too many dishes pile up.




Here is my video:

And how’s about a link to the instructable.

And my thoughts on the project:

As far as the Arduino aspect, learning about the WiFi capabilities and seeing it work without the aid of a computer was a magical moment. Additionally, I learned how to use a variable to track when the program is in different “states” enabling multiple processes to run in tandem and be intentionally affected when specific events trigger a state change. Also using the Sugru to waterproof the button was a handy tip.

With the video, I learned a lot about how a good, thorough storyboard can streamline the whole video shooting process, making it much more enjoyable when you know everything you have to do from the start. And it makes it much easier in general because you can edit many unnecessary shots before recording a second of footage. Additionally, I was able to experiment hands-on for the first time with high quality video lighting which made a huge difference.

Jumping off questions:

Is this too invasive of a solution?

Would anyone actually be willing to track down a dirty dish culprit if they got an email about it?

Does it increase or diminish feelings of respect in a shared environment?




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