Hi, I’m Danna Krouham

Hi there, my name is Danna, I’m a Mexican Industrial Designer, jewelry designer, miniature maker (modeling clay), cherry blossom fanatic, and almond butter addict.

During the early morning you can find me exercising and reading different news channels; at daytime I’m studying my MFA Products of Design at SVA and working on other personal projects; and at night, reading on the couch eating a mango… and almond butter; mostly eating, I love to eat.

I have been studying and practicing design for as long as I can remember. From sculpting miniature objects, painting landscapes and up-cycling my clothes; to enrolling in a design degree, flying all the way to Israel for an internship, working for more than a year in UI/UX and designing my own jewelry brand.

My passion is discovering the perfect synergy between business and design; merging these two fields to create something extraordinary (either functional or just beautiful). I don’t consider myself an expert on either of these practices yet I’m eager to learn and discover…

In case you’re curious about my work, visit my personal website!