Danna’s Final Project Update 2




  • Classical music
  • View from afar and it gets closer
  • View from different angles (outside)
  • Music gets louder
  • Person goes inside
  • Animal sounds turn on
  • Lights turn on
  • Short views from all around
  • Camera goes crazy
  • Pitch black
  • Classical music
  • Shorts sentences explaining how much trash goes into the sea because of us
  • Sentence explaining what we can do to help
  • Special thanks (credits)


  • Circuit
  • Final design
  • Finalize material selection (buy them)

Danna’s Homework 10



“Colors of Photons” by: Janos Magyar and Eva Konya
Source: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/20048/colors-of-photons-d00e2b?ref=tag&ref_id=art&offset=43

For this proposal, I would like to do an interactive artistic installation, involving a user in order for it to work. The idea behind this is to have a black vertical mirror (maybe acrylic) with two static pulse handles up front. The user would hold these handles with their hands and when the handles detect a pulse, that pattern is directly transmitted into the mirror and a color pattern appears on the mirror. This installation would convert your BPM into interactive art; and you could try it within different time frames, like after the gym, when you wake up, etc…

This installation is meant to be like an exposition in an open space (not public or home like), maybe an art gallery or school.

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Walking Rainbow



This costume is going to be a huge rainbow that I’ll be carrying with my shoulders through a backpack. I have two options on lighting this with LED’s. The first option is to put LED strips in between each noodle tube, and the second option is to cut out a ridge of each noodle and put the strip inside (LEDS will be slightly showing and I can cover this with a colorful translucent material). The battery will be inside the backpack and my goal is to make all of the LED light up for at least two or three hours. The LEDS will be rainbow and random pattern, so all of it lights up different every time.

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