Karan’s Plus Night Light Proposal

Prototype of Mr. Filth.
Eye turned on
Band Aid turned on (Ideally would want it to be orange, but did not have it as of now)
Tongue turned on
Tooth turned on
The light wont diffuse through blue wool, so had to cut through holes where the felt , paper and band-aid would attach.
Consists of 4 Leds, 1 for Eye (Blue), 1 for Tongue(Red) , 1 for Band-Aid(Orange) , 1 for Tooth(White)

Target User

I am building this for my brothers 7 year old Son. He does not like taking a bath and brushing his teeth and is very mischievous. So I want to portray a character who does what my nephew dislikes and is ultimately scary and dirty as a result of his scar (not behaving) / hurt on his face , broken teeth (not brushing) and dark woolen fabric. I hope he personifes the results of these activities and makes fun of himself. There will be a LED beneath the Eye , Tongue , Band-Aid , Teeth.


The body is made of dark blue wool, which i selected to associate coldness with. Usually ghosts have a lower temp attributed to them 🙂 in cartoons. The eye is made out of Blue Felt , The Band-Aid is a real Band-Aid, the tongue is made out of Red Felt , and the broken teeth is white paper.

Early Sketches
Early Sketches