Shuyi’s Plush Night Light Proposal

The story of EVIL EGGY

The latest news, the evil eggy has entered the earth, and invaded the cities, they have a very cute appearance, but they hope to cooperate with the triple threat to rule the earth, unfortunately because they are too cute, discovered by humans, accidentally as theirs Children’s toys, and they still need to collect more data. Without revealing themselves, eggys needs to let the children sleep peacefully at night and then act again…

Target Users

Children are very fond of plush toys. Some children will lack a certain sense of security when they start to sleep alone. They will put the toy on the edge of the bed as a decoration, and when the night falls, they will sleep as their closest companion. Some children often don’t dare to sleep alone, for fear of monsters under the bed. If you have a plush toy, it can also be used as a night light. As your child’s sleep lights up, the child will sleep more comfortably and make life more interesting.

Description of the parts

I used two fabrics of different textures and colors to make the evil eggy. I want it to have a better touch. Its hair is a soft material, showing a strip hair, its legs are made of thick wool, the material is moderate hardness, very cute. Its mouth I used orange translucent plastic, and put the LED light into the shell, let it reveal a warm and faint light, it is perfect for the effect of the night light. The hard outer shell can be compared with its soft body .

Circuit Diagram

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