Regena’s Plush Nightlight Proposal

Introducing Onigiri Mausu

This little mouse, Onigiri Mausu, will be a night light for my younger sister. She often get’s scared in the night while on her way to the bathroom and this little guy is designed to help her feel less afraid. The light will be emitted from the translucent ears to give a soft glow, while still providing enough light to illuminate the dark hallway to the bathroom.

The picture above is a prototype made of felt, the final version of this mouse will be made of a soft white short-haired fur, with translucent ears. The cartoon mouse face, complete with a pink nose and whiskers, will be embroidered on using the digital embroider once the body pattern has been refined to the desired shape and size.


This first pattern was used as a pre-prototype to get the feel of the shape and size of the mouse. This pre-prototype was too small for the desired outcome, so I updated the pattern to include a flat base, to add volume to the product, and taller, rounder sides, to give a rounded overall shape.

This second pattern includes the rounded base for the bottom of the mouse, the pattern for the round ears, and the taller, more rounded body pattern.


I will be using a simple circuit for the Onigiri Mausu. There will be one or two sequin LEDs in each ear and the wiring will run through the interior body of the mouse, with a velcro closure at the bottom to conceal the batter switch.

Early Sketches

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