Danica’s Plush Night Light Proposal


The story is that I firstly want to design something for the wedding, then I think about the wedding dress material which is shiny and beautiful, and I think about crystal and the process of crystallization. For me the process of crystallization is always fascinating and pure.

Crystal represents two people’s love has a result, which is the wedding. So I combine the crystal to the romantic meaning which is a crystal shape for the newlyweds to hold when they are changing their oath and a comfortable and lighting pillow for them to hug when they go to sleep.


White cotton, transparent white cotton yarn, infilling, three blue LED, wires, battery and switch


Sewing is a little hard for me since I am using the sewing machine for the first time. In order to make the battery go into the prototype and still available for me to turn it on and off, so I add a zip on the surface.

I sew the white cotton yarn for the inside of the Crystal to put infilling in, also to build the structure of the Crystal. I am going to add the white yarn on the surface of the white cotton to make it more dreamlike.

The struggle is that because each pieces is not perfectly sewed, there is always some tilted overlapping and is a little messy.

The circuit

Next time I want change the number of the LED from 3 to five which covers all the points of my structure.

Soldering is much more fun and very efficient once you are familiar with the process.

Put the circuit into the pillow


I put the circuit into the hexahedron and glue the LED and the battery into the point of the volume.

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