Danica’s final project work in progress

Google Doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ijFgpjCnfCJ8UupD0AYZpcqy_u3uKFPE0YHQULNTWA4/edit?usp=sharing

Instructable link:(haven’t yet, also is the content different from the google doc?)

Video draft:

First show the Time-lapse photography of the building. Record the building process when I put the plywood on the wall and glue acrylic on.

And then showing one person working anxiously in PoD, and then attracts to the new installation on the wall and want to try it. He or she goes to the wall and I will film the interactions in different angles. The scene will include first person moving fingers and then finger close-up shoot. Then the close up of the light and color changes along with the sound. Then the camera comes back to his or her relaxing and happy face.

After 30 seconds of showing the process, he or she comes back to the seat and other people are attracted to try the mediation wall.

-the end-

Things I want to work on:

The circuit and code. I want to make the the led light up and off slowly. I try to find some code, but have not figure out how it work yet.

Danica’s final project proposal and HW 11

The Mediation Wall

Concept: When you are too stressed out in your workplace or home, it’s always nice to stop and relax, and a lot people use meditation apps which combine sound and some animation help you to calm down. So why not make it in large scale which you can stand up and interact with the circle and

Visualize the movement of the finger by sound and light effect. When your finger touches the acrylic module, the light of the module goes on and there wil be a song playing slowly depends on your movement speed. The problem now is how to diffuse the light evenly and continuously.


UPDATE Diffusion: Use 3-4 neopixels in one module. Add tape on the neopixel and plastic fabric inside of the acrylic

Breath light, Slowly light up and dark down, like a breathing light

For the color: green, blue and purple. Use the adobe color palette.

“homepod light”的图片搜索结果


Acrylic sheet translucent white (Diffusion for the light)

plywood (base)


Speaker: I want to control the speed of the sound. How?

How to hang on the wall? Nails?

Connection between wood and acrylic (square in the middle of the hexagon)

Capacitive touch sensor board: the touching part is wire connected to the surface of the acrylic surface? Might not be beautiful?

Circuit diagram:

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Danica final project proposal

  1. Grammar mistake machine

Recently I am struggling with some word spelling, and only the detection and correction didn’t work well for me since it’s not letting me remember in my heart and mind. So I want to design something fun and can help me with my spelling.

When there is a spelling mistake on the computer, the api will trigger the adruino board to throw a paper ball(or other action comparing which one is the funniest and memorable) . And at the same time shout ” Danica spell __ wrong for the __ time”.

2. Process camera

Take pictures every 10 minutes while you are working in process.

3. Addictive reward wall

When you do something good (like reading books), you can trigger the badge on the wall to light up. And if you do something wasting too much time (like watching too much youtube video while the homework is unfinished), you will receive a punishment( not decided yet) and the badge will not light up.

4.Old friend contactor

Sometimes I find that some old friends haven’t contacted for a long time, but I don’t have an opportunity to contact them. Sometimes seeing the things that are associated with them so I open the dialog box but missing the courage to send them. At this time I want to have a feature that can be contacted automatically with one click.

Danica’s Plush Night Light Proposal


The story is that I firstly want to design something for the wedding, then I think about the wedding dress material which is shiny and beautiful, and I think about crystal and the process of crystallization. For me the process of crystallization is always fascinating and pure.

Crystal represents two people’s love has a result, which is the wedding. So I combine the crystal to the romantic meaning which is a crystal shape for the newlyweds to hold when they are changing their oath and a comfortable and lighting pillow for them to hug when they go to sleep.

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