Danica final project proposal

  1. Grammar mistake machine

Recently I am struggling with some word spelling, and only the detection and correction didn’t work well for me since it’s not letting me remember in my heart and mind. So I want to design something fun and can help me with my spelling.

When there is a spelling mistake on the computer, the api will trigger the adruino board to throw a paper ball(or other action comparing which one is the funniest and memorable) . And at the same time shout ” Danica spell __ wrong for the __ time”.

2. Process camera

Take pictures every 10 minutes while you are working in process.

3. Addictive reward wall

When you do something good (like reading books), you can trigger the badge on the wall to light up. And if you do something wasting too much time (like watching too much youtube video while the homework is unfinished), you will receive a punishment( not decided yet) and the badge will not light up.

4.Old friend contactor

Sometimes I find that some old friends haven’t contacted for a long time, but I don’t have an opportunity to contact them. Sometimes seeing the things that are associated with them so I open the dialog box but missing the courage to send them. At this time I want to have a feature that can be contacted automatically with one click.

Danica’s Plush Night Light Proposal


The story is that I firstly want to design something for the wedding, then I think about the wedding dress material which is shiny and beautiful, and I think about crystal and the process of crystallization. For me the process of crystallization is always fascinating and pure.

Crystal represents two people’s love has a result, which is the wedding. So I combine the crystal to the romantic meaning which is a crystal shape for the newlyweds to hold when they are changing their oath and a comfortable and lighting pillow for them to hug when they go to sleep.

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Monitor Detector Teardown

The thing I teardown is a monitor detector. Because I bought it on second hand, first I need to figure out how does it work.

It has RF wireless signal detection, magnetic field detection and hidden camera detection. When the signal goes high, the screen will light up and it will vibrate. Also there are buttons and knob for you to adjust the function.

The teardown part is shorter than I thought, and here are the parts and the time-lapse video.


  1. knob for on and off and control
  2. nut that fixed the knob on the outside
  3. filter lens in the middle
  4. double-sided tape to fixed the battery
  5. GS probe for information transition
  6. lithium battery
  7. the part connect to the MC1
  8. font shell
  9. back shell
  10. two circuit boards, the upper one is DSK18D27, the lower one is DSK19A01 (I googled both of the name of the data sheet, but couldn’t find the exact one, and the searching result is very limited, maybe someone can teach me a different way to find the datasheet so that I can find out what the No.7 function)
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Hi, I am Danica~

Hi, my name is Danica Dou, I am from Liaoning,China. And I did my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, Nanjing University.

The function part I designed for the biomedical device for cell separation

I always want to make some product that is fully functional and have some tech in it. So Arduino is a good choice for me. I have learn some C language classes when I was in college and with the collaborate of an international student back in my college lab, we did a biomedical device with the function of spinning and time setting. He is in charge of most of the Arduino part and I focus on the design and biomedical part. Though I didn’t learn a lot Arduino knowledge from that project, I learn the magic and simplicity of it that several lines of codes can turn the product alive. So I am really excited to learn more about Arduino and practice what I learn in the future design!