Danica final project proposal

  1. Grammar mistake machine

Recently I am struggling with some word spelling, and only the detection and correction didn’t work well for me since it’s not letting me remember in my heart and mind. So I want to design something fun and can help me with my spelling.

When there is a spelling mistake on the computer, the api will trigger the adruino board to throw a paper ball(or other action comparing which one is the funniest and memorable) . And at the same time shout ” Danica spell __ wrong for the __ time”.

2. Process camera

Take pictures every 10 minutes while you are working in process.

3. Addictive reward wall

When you do something good (like reading books), you can trigger the badge on the wall to light up. And if you do something wasting too much time (like watching too much youtube video while the homework is unfinished), you will receive a punishment( not decided yet) and the badge will not light up.

4.Old friend contactor

Sometimes I find that some old friends haven’t contacted for a long time, but I don’t have an opportunity to contact them. Sometimes seeing the things that are associated with them so I open the dialog box but missing the courage to send them. At this time I want to have a feature that can be contacted automatically with one click.

2 thoughts on “Danica final project proposal”

  1. Hi Danica,

    Yes, C is the language used by Arduino. I can’t find an easy/beginner way for you to check grammar/spelling with your arduino. The grammar detection portion would have to be a custom program that runs on your computer and sends the text when you submit it (not as you type), then sends a signal to IFTTT to trigger your catapult/etc. I do not recommend you pursue this project idea because I worry it is too complex for the timeframe.

    2. it is feasible to use your arduino to create an intervalometer as you describe. Search “arduino intervalometer” and you’ll see several pages of tutorials. What kind of camera do you want to control? Many cameras have this function built in. This idea is feasible but perhaps not as exciting as your others.

    3. for your reward wall, how will it know when you’ve been reading or watching youtube? The idea is feasible but you’ll need to define your sensing methodology in a bit more detail. If I’m self-reporting the information by pressing buttons on the wall, how am I encouraged to be honest?

    4. This one seems completely feasible. You will likely need one IFTTT recipe per friend, and the Gmail service in IFTTT supports customizing the To address. You could send different values to your AIO feed and then have a few recipes that look for the various values and send an email or SMS (likely to only work with the Android SMS service), or facebook message, etc. what would be the form of this device? I imagine it has buttons for each friend.

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