Virginia’s Final Project Ideas

A sunrise and sunset lamp will mirror the glow of the sun.
An adventure machine that will print out a destination across New York City or a museum that it is positioned and you have to find the location. This will require a receipt printer, hand sensors, and lights.
This is a mirror that literally mirrors what is in front of it. However, you cannot see your reflection as soon as you step in front the mirror turns into a distorted material.

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  1. Hey Virginia, your first two ideas are most feasible. The last one is likely too much work for this assignment. Since you mentioned you are pretty set on the fortune teller idea, I’ll give some suggestions for it.

    Lights: As we discussed, using real light bulbs will be expensive and require a lot of time consuming wiring. Recommend using some kind of LED pixel strand instead, and making light-bulb shaped diffusers in 3D. I’ve used these before: but since you’re going to have to plug your project into the wall anyway, you could also use these bigger 12V ones: (the code library for these is different than neopixels but has the same structure so should be easy for you to use)

    hand sensor: the classic sensing method for this type of project is called Galvanic Skin Response. Here is a tutorial I found (unvetted but the code looks reasonable) related to GSR (which really just looking at the skin’s conductivity as an analog input value):

    Receipt printer, looks like a few are available:

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