Danica’s final project work in progress

Google Doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ijFgpjCnfCJ8UupD0AYZpcqy_u3uKFPE0YHQULNTWA4/edit?usp=sharing

Instructable link:(haven’t yet, also is the content different from the google doc?)

Video draft:

First show the Time-lapse photography of the building. Record the building process when I put the plywood on the wall and glue acrylic on.

And then showing one person working anxiously in PoD, and then attracts to the new installation on the wall and want to try it. He or she goes to the wall and I will film the interactions in different angles. The scene will include first person moving fingers and then finger close-up shoot. Then the close up of the light and color changes along with the sound. Then the camera comes back to his or her relaxing and happy face.

After 30 seconds of showing the process, he or she comes back to the seat and other people are attracted to try the mediation wall.

-the end-

Things I want to work on:

The circuit and code. I want to make the the led light up and off slowly. I try to find some code, but have not figure out how it work yet.