Siddhant’s Plush Night Light Proposal

Here are the 3 initial iterations that i had made for the night light. I was inclined towards the globe idea and went ahead with it.

Air Jordan 1 Plush night light

This specific colorway of the air jordan 1 is called the shattered backboard. Being a Michael jordan fan this shoe is very inspiring as the colorway is inspired by his jersey that he wore in an exhibition game and shattered the backboard while dunking in 1986. This is mainly targeted towards basketball fanatics and more importantly Michael Jordan fans all over the world.

Boxing Glove plush night light

Boxing has been an integral part of my life since i was 14. I started with boxing and the shifted to mixed martial arts . Due to injuries and suffering from a slipdisk, i was adviced by the doctors to give up boxing and high intensity sports. Target market for this light would be boxers and artsy people who have an inclination towards sports.

Globe plush night light

I have been an avid traveler all my life. i have been travelling since i was a kid. i have been to more than 40 cities outside of India . Travelling has made me aware of different cultures and have been fortunate enough to make friends all around the world. The water is black in this globe as to have emphasis on the water pollution and shortage all over the world. The continents light up in this night light. The target market for this night lamp could be travelers and artsy people . it could also be marketed to people who care about the environment to give a message.

The Globe night light will be having 5 white led’s inside it and the circuit diagram is attached below.

This is a picture of the Pattern for the globe and the picture of the working prototype and the materials i acquired.

Pattern for the globe. 6 of these pieces stitched together
Black wool and white satin with 5 white LED lights
All the continents haven’t been cut out yet but for testing purposes one piece is cut off to see how the light diffuses.
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