Our costume is inspired by the game Minecraft, and we will appear in the Halloween parade as two pixelated characters, one with an axe and one with a torch. 

The cube is going to cover our head, upper body part and arms. 

The first pixel girl with the axe has the block sequence around her(or in the other hand), she uses the axe to shut down the block by hitting the axe to the block. We intend to use a hidden switch to trigger this action. 

And the top of the torch in the hand of the pixel holding the torch presents the shape of wave, visually represents the shape of the flame, and has a built-in light string. 

our structure sketch of the torch
the character sketch
some details

Material(possible): Corrugated plastic sheet/ painting/ sticker(pixel patterns)/ boxes

size 12*12

use Wide Format Vinyl Printer & Cutter to print the pattern

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