For my Halloween costume I will be the scary scarecrow!!I bought a costume in the halloween store and I decide to design a headwear. My inspiration is from the real scarecrow. Because crows always are attracted by the scarecrow and they will stay at the scarecrow to peck the straw. I have to emphasis that I am a real person to dress up to a scarecrow so I will make a brain which is pecked and reveal out of my head. I also will put the crow on my head beside the brain with some straw.

I will remove the crow’s eyes and make a hole with the drill, then I will make two red led lights to put into the crow as the eyes. Before I do this part, I have to do a surgery that to use the knife to cut the belly of the crow to make sure that whether it is hollow inside. I also will put some led lights into the straw with the glue gun. Finally, I have to figure out how to make the brain, crow and straw can be stable on my head because we have to participate the parade, if it always drop down that will be so uncomfortable.