Bi’s final project concept

Basically, I hope it could be an INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION which would feedback with the lights(spectrum).

First, it would be triggered by the participants, and the more participants using it, the stronger the feedback would be.

Second, the interaction must be easy to control so that all the user could change the direction and focal distance.

And the most important is the small group has the equal ability to affect the installation, so they have to collaborate to achieve the goal or prevent each other from achieving their ideal stats.

The ideal scenario is in some public spaces where strangers would stay there for minutes. With this installation, strangers would connect and communicate with each other by the consequence.

3 thoughts on “Bi’s final project concept”

  1. Hi Bi, it’s hard to give feedback on your project ideas without descriptions, could you add words to tell me more about your ideas? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Becky! Sorry for that. I just update the post. Thank you! Have a good weekend!

      1. Thank you for the update! I was hoping to see three ideas for the proposal, but I can give feedback on just this one:

        The idea sounds fun, but I’m concerned it’s not concrete enough to build from yet. What sensor(s) are you planning to use to make the piece interactive? What will move/change/happen when the sensors are activated? Your sketch doesn’t show any lights or moving parts that I can tell.

        Here are some suggestions/ideas that may help:

        for moving things within containers of liquid, folks often use magnets. Here’s somebody who made a magnetic stirrer using Arduino and a PC fan (motor with plastic fan blades): maybe you could use this technique to move reflective bits of material inside a liquid, and have the LEDs shining up into it or from the side.

        You might like to use your PIR motion sensor for this project (detects any movement within its field of vision), or a distance sensor (set your reactivity to a certain distance object/person detected (usually within 2 meters).

        You might also like to use capacitive touch sensing for this projects, if there are any metal bits for the visitor to touch, such as

        Please solidify your idea more (exact actions the user takes, exact responses the installation can make) very soon, Ideally before the weekend is over.

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