Crystal’s final proposal

Proposal 1

The Scorpio Constellation map


Some of us believe in Constellation as a belief because most of Constellation can express one’s personality and behavior so it can be a rough outline of knowing other people’s personality.

For me, I am a Scorpio, every time my friend knows that they say I must be an aggressive, cold and clearly what to love and hate person. They misunderstand me with the stereotype of Constellation.

However, I think I just like Scorpio, sometimes cold sometimes crazy. I follow my heart to do everything, like the people follow the star when they walk at night.


It is a wall decoration.
The black acrylic board be on the first layer and the last layer, the Arduino, wires put in the middle layer. But my preference will use the marble board

Each star distributes one LED light, most of the time it shows white color, when people move close to the map, the sensor turns the LED light into yellow.

Proposal 2

Neon light no night

Most public installs the Neon light in the night because it looks more attractive than the other light. So, I want to use the tube to make my own name then put the Arduino inside, then it changes the color frequently.

Proposal 3

heartbeat bookshelf


The heartbeat bookshelf is a wall bookshelf made in wood. The LED strip goes the direction with the heartbeat line. The red heart in the middle you can put some home stuff. Its can fit into any place!

One thought on “Crystal’s final proposal”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Crystal!

    1. I recommend you also look at using fabric for the top layer, since you can use it to create a flat surface that is backlit by the LEDs mounted in foamcore board. I like the idea of making it interactive with a motion sensor. This idea is all about the execution– the code itself is not very complex. If you choose it I will be expecting a very finished-looking device, suitable for hanging in a fancy hotel lobby =D

    2. feasible but maybe a little boring– what would make it change color? check out this super neon-looking neopixel strip: It might be a bit expensive to do your whole name out of that stuff, though.

    3. Similar to idea #1, I would expect this to have a very finished look. But it is entirely feasible. Logistically, it seems hard to move this project around to work on it.

    Let me know if you have questions, need help developing further or picking an idea!

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