Joey’s Final Project Ideas

It is a night light, when people want to turn it on, they need to put the chess pieces on the specific place on the chessboard. The chess piece has magnetic,so it can stay on the chessboard. it is an interactive design.
Nowadays, people are living in the machine world. AI comes to appear. people’s mind is easily influenced by machine. Because, they think machine is always right. My work is about fake lie detector. When people are asked some questions, the third person can use phone to control it secretly. If people are easily affected by machine, they will change the their true mind.



plastic helmet




My third work is about flicker water clock. At the bottom of the water clock, It has a flicker light. The flicker time is different. So it will create a fake illusion that the water flows towards the opposite direction.

Author: Joey

Hi I am Joey, I am from china.

2 thoughts on “Joey’s Final Project Ideas”

  1. Nice brainstorm, Joey!

    1. This is completely feasible– you even have a magnetic sensor in your kit (it looks white and blocky– you can use any magnet you prefer if the included one is too big).

    2. feasible but a little strange… =D You might like to use bluetooth for this instead of wifi. I’ve used this one before: but there is a cheaper one here that should work the same: .

    3. Are you describing the result of a strobe light out of phase with the drip? This one could be tough to make because the drip rate/strobe rate will have to be pretty precise. But it sounds feasible!

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