One thought on “Regena’s Final Project Proposals”

  1. Hi Regena, great brainstorm! All these ideas would work fine for your final project.

    1. What is the resting state of the lights? is the button in the same place as the light? If so you might consider using illuminated pushbuttons (basically just a button with a separate LED inside it).

    2. I need one of these and have had it on my list of things to build (i keep forgetting to pick up the cat’s food before bed, which means he’s not hungry at breakfast when he needs to be in order to get his insulin). I recommend using calendar events and IFTTT for triggering it. How is the food access allowed, with a moving part? Consider using a servo motor (you have a small one in your kit).

    3. The Money button should do something besides just light up and say “money.” It should deposit some funds in your savings account! There are services in IFTTT for this (check Yuko’s training saver project in the inspiration list). To play audio samples, consider using this audio fx board (which is easy to trigger with your arduino): (don’t forget a speaker)

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