Wen & Baoqi & Karen Final Project Idea

Idea 1:

The driver’s driving state is sensed by the wearable muscle electric induction module sensor, and the atomizing device that activates the steering wheel releases the corresponding gas when abnormal data is detected, prompting the driver to fatigue driving state.

Sketch of idea 1

idea 2:

Bionic plant which is able to sense a certain animal’s/plant’s population, and information collected is shared with biological research/environmental protection organizations to help scientists to better control/protect different biological species.

Sketch for Idea2

idea 3:

Kindergarten safety wall: when the motion sensor in the kindergarten’s classroom detects the intense movement in a classroom, the room’s wall will be inflated to make it soft so that kids will not get injured when they bump into the wall. (this idea can also be applied to any other sharp furniture)

Sketch for idea3

One thought on “Wen & Baoqi & Karen Final Project Idea”

  1. Hey gang, great brainstorm. Your first idea sounds super dangerous– please don’t make any projects that shock people as part of this class.

    For your second idea, how does the device detect population?

    Third: inflatables, especially ones that plug into the wall, are possible for this project, but the inflation is pretty slow. Here’s a DIY pump made from a quadcopter motor and a paper cup: https://makezine.com/projects/inflatable-wearables/ You could potentially work with pressurized CO2 cartridges, but they are kinda dangerous too.

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