KG’s final project proposals

  1. Silent countdown LED timer

2. A phone cover or bracelet whose colour is dependent on a bank balance or budget

3. Distraction tracker button that sits on your desk

3 thoughts on “KG’s final project proposals”

  1. Great brainstorm, KG!

    1. This idea is totally feasible. Could you elaborate on the situation in which you would find this object useful? Is it counting down to a break, or some deadline? The mood you want to convey would impact the color choice. Did you know you can put LEDs behind wood veneer? Looks awesome, see this example:

    2. Bank balance is really tough to get because of all the extra sign-in security banks have. Mutual funds work though, through the “finance” service in IFTTT. So does automated saving, using the “Qapital” service.

    3. This idea is feasible but if you are distracted, how can you be expected to remember to hit a button?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Becky. I’m leaning most towards option 1. Now that I’m thinking about it a little bit more, I reckon it might be more useful if the labels were phases of a project so something like “plan, research, make” and then I could have two modes – a countdown, like if you’re timeboxing a task or a time tracker if you’d like to see how long it took you to do a task.

      The idea is to allow for an immersive work session that is not distracted by possible notification coming in if you were using the timer on your phone. I’d like to try and sketch this out a bit more so that I can figure out the functionality.

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