Yufeng’s Final Project Proposals

Idea 1

Ukulele left hand assistant

The frets of ukulele is between 12 to 20. The less the frets, the easier to make.
The tiny bulbs will light in order to indicate the left hand composition according to the songs and the code. Maybe one code for one song. One simple song.
The different examples of light composition.

For the smallest Ukulele, it needs at least 4X12=48 tiny lights.

Or maybe not necessary to cover the whole frets.

Therefore, the plan is to have 4 strips of tiny bulbs connected with baterries or USB and Arduino (PC,Plug)

Idea 2

This is the landscape painting cutting on wood strip.

This idea is to cut a piece of wood strip into the Chinese landscape painting by CNC. Then put the LED behind the wood strip. Add some diffused material to make the painting like a silhouette drawing with the colors changing or just different colors.

For wall decoration.

sample , different colors LED.

Author: yufengyvan

Hi I’m Yufeng or you can call me Yvan. I’m from ShenZhen which is a beautiful modern city in the south of China. My undergrads major was Urban Planning which is considering a larger scale of development and design for the certain area of city. But I’m also interested in making beautiful and functional products as well as the thinking in systematic problem. I’m looking forward to the course for learning all kinds of new making methods with all of you.

3 thoughts on “Yufeng’s Final Project Proposals”

  1. Hi Yufeng, your new idea is feasible, but I’m having trouble imagining what it will look like. Will you use super thin wood veneer to shine the LEDs through? Will the LEDs face the viewer, or the wall? You might consider both to build up multiple layers of light texture (very diffused vs more point-source diffusion). I’ll be curious to see what materials you choose for this project.

    1. Yes, I also realize that if the wood strip is too long, it is not easy to make the area diffusion but more easy to make certain point diffusion. So if the long strip is not feasible, I may consider the round shape or square shape frame. The LED might just be vertical to the surface (wall) and along the edge of the frame to create the whole background diffusion. I will continually think if there is a better form for this idea.

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