Xiaohan’s final project proposal

This is a system which help parents to understand where the allowance their children spent and how much they have left.

This is a lightning system connect through Internet for separated couples and families. When they touch the “beans”, the lights inside will be diffused in different colors so the other person could feel their presents.

This is a shape of an old Chinese money. The idea is to help people manage their money by showing the money they have left on this object.

One thought on “Xiaohan’s final project proposal”

  1. 1. How will the child enter the info about what money they have spent?

    2. This is similar to the Internet Valentine project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Internet-Valentine/ so you could probably use that code as a base (and light up multi-color with neopixels instead of a regular single-color LED). Oh, and you meant “presence” instead of “presents”– they are homonyms.

    3. It’s tricky to track a bank account balance because of how secure bank sign-ons are, but you could have it display information based on the stock market, so it would work for mutual funds where you know how many shares you own– look up the “finance” service in IFTTT.

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