Karan’s final project proposal

Physical Palette generator

Idea 1:

Choosing colors is not an easy task, at least for me. Every person working in the digital industry has faced or used a Newton wheel at some point in his life. Color Palette suggestion Tools like Adobe Color are very helpful. But what about the physical industry? How inconvenient it is to know the exact color of a physical object and use the online color suggestion tools. The color calculator will come in handy at these times. It will have a single pixel camera (color sensor) and will do the math based on the input and display the suggested palette in the 4 blocks.

The most important thing any dentist or tooth-care research paper will tell us is to brush regularly for at least 2 minutes. Toothpaste and brush are not as important as the time. Yet the dental industry will sell us products on different parameters like arrangement of bristles etc. Even the smart brushes only indicate the time that you have brushed , that too on the smart phone, which you typically will check after finishing the brushing regime. Moreover brushing twice daily is still a wishlist for many people. They just cant do it at night.

Imagine that you forget to brush at night, and a message goes to your boss that you did not brush. I believe this embarrassment will force you to brush your teeth. The toothbrush will use a vibration sensor, and keep track of the time of vibration. If it detects 2 cycles within 24 hours, it will not do anything, else it will post a shameful message on facebook / instagram or any other media on your behalf.

This is a persistent translator that will help you remember the word you asked it. When you ask for a translation by voice, it will provide the translation. After a while or when it detects motion next or turns on next, it will ask for the translation again, if you succeed the lamp will stay on, else the lamp will turn off. The experience part of it still needs to be refined. I plan to use the Google Speech to text API & Yandex Translate API for achieving this.

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  1. Great brainstorm, Karan!

    1. As we chatted about in class, there will be some limitations to the way you can represent subtractive color with an additive system. This color sensor works great on really bright, saturated colors: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1334. I haven’t tried this newer one so I don’t know how it’s different: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3779

    2. is a killer! This idea is completely feasible and totally embarrassing. You could put a light sensor on the holder to detect when it’s picked up, which would move the circuit from the toothbrush itself to the base. However, to prove the brushing actually did occur, you may prefer a vibration switch on the toothbrush itself. You will have some extra waterproofing concerns with this idea.

    3. This sounds pretty difficult, and all for the effect of turning off a lamp? The concept isn’t as strong as your others, and I’m not sure you’re going to find this one very satisfying to build.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or need some additional guidance.

    1. Hi Becky, Thank you for the feedback.

      1) Yeah there is a difference between reflective and additive and i am not sure if I should proceed with something that may not be correct or useful (Thats my inner Engineer voice :), Designer voice asks me to give it a shot).

      2) I was planning to use a fast vibration switch. The toothbrush seems to be slightly easy to me, unless i have to design my own electronic toothbrush as well.

      3) It is definitely challenging. The main purpose is not to turn off the lamp, but to make the person remember the translation. And yeah, the concept is lacking. So I think I will put this on hold for now.

      Which one would you recommend me to proceed with?

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