Shuyi’s Final Project Proposals

Mechanical animal

I would like to use the Pepsi cans to make a mechanical animal and put the Led into one of their spine,wings, ears or tail. I want to make one of these parts live, it means maybe I can use the sensor to let the spine, wings, ears or tail move, then it can control the Led.

We can use the rest of the cans for redesign, making full use of the metallic characteristics of the cans, so that people can re-recognize such products, which can also be put on the market for production, promote consumption, and I also can couple with the function of induction lamps, consumers will be more, it can also be used as a light, it must be very cool!

If it is difficult to realize, I can make it as the physical movement. By the way, the shape of the animal will not be too complex!

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