Siddhant’s Final Project Proposal

The Name of the collection of these products is called “The Indian Mom”

This Device is kept next to your sink and keeps on shouting at you till the dishes in the sink are not washed and the sink is completely empty.
This is a safety device that you keep at your home . You text the device before leaving from somewhere to come home and if you don’t reach home in a suitable time its going to send a text to your emergency contacts to notify them thinking that you might be in trouble.
I call this alarm clock ” The weapon of choice” . This alarm clock starts waking you up with a soothing tone and gradually increases its volume and harshness in the sounds. THIS ALARM CLOCK DOES NOT HAVE A SNOOZE BUTTON. The only way to turn it off is to get up from your bed and leave the room . LOL

One thought on “Siddhant’s Final Project Proposal”

  1. These are all solid ideas, Siddhant! These are all feasible ideas for your project– some are harder to prototype than others. For example, what sensor would you use to detect if the sink is empty? Might be hard without a camera, which do not work easily with our current hardware/code base. But maybe you could get by with a proximity sensor or breakbeam sensor (waterproofed).

    What sensor is on the alarm clock to let it know you got up? Maybe it needs to be docked in the other room to turn off? For playing sound samples, you can use one of these sound boards which are easy to trigger with your Arduino: (and speakers:

    For your second idea, you can use your PIR motion sensor at home (assuming you don’t have any pets moving around there), and “disarm” the alert when you trigger the sensor by arriving at home.

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