Xiaohan’s Arduino Homework 11+Final Project Proposal

PIR Sensor

Circuit Displays Internet Data

Add NeoPixels

Weather Data with NeoPixels

Inputs and Outputs Code

Final Project Proposal

My final project idea is to create two devices that can communicate with each other by lights. The two devices will be looking like miniature houses. One Neo Pixels will be adding into each miniature houses.

How does it work?

There are two devices(device 1 and device 2) both contains a Neo Pixels and a switch. If a person turns the switch on from device 1, the lights on device 2 will be turned on. Vice Versa.

Circuit Diagram

This is a diagram for one of the device. I plan to use the same circuit for both two device. In this circuit diagram, I switch the button to switch because I want the lights constantly on unless the person turned off the the lights.


Cardboard/Glasses/Neo Pixels/Feather Huzzah

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  1. Great job on the IoT homework. Your title suggests your project update (BOM and circuit diagram) should be in this post, but I don’t see them. Please add them to your post.

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