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There will be an actor and actress are casting in my video.
First scenario is that they run across at the street corner, they fall in love at first sight, but they have no opportunity to talk.

Then, the very next day, they meet each other on the handcraft store, they pick the same stuff in coinciding. They find both each other have the same tattoo also. But they still have no other’s contact.

The last scenario is that the girl is lonely walk into the gallery, then she sees there’s a wall decoration is a Scorpio same as her tattoo when she walks closer to the painting. That boy shows up somehow later they stare at each other for a while.

the end will shoot specialized the scene from the ceiling, the wall decoration, and to the sofa, they sit together, then the hands hold with the same tattoo.

Love is a destination. Constellation is a fate.


lightly music/ lovely music


School corner, Michael’s, SVA gallery, pod and the expensive sofa!

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