Shuyi’s Final project update 2

Draft Tutorial

Instructable Draft

Script of Video (Original)










Script of Video (English version)

Environment setting, dark light, single background space,

Will use technology-like music, the atmosphere is more gloomy,

In the opening scene, the virtual focus lens is pointed at the head, the picture is cut according to the ratio of three to seven, and the lens gradually focuses on the head

The camera switches. There are a lot of dried Pepsi cans stacked in one corner, and a can of pepsi that has not been drunk stacked in the other corner.

At this time, a person walked into this space in the middle of the night, with a virtual focus and a very mysterious dress.

Instant camera switch, linkage turned on dinosaurs, eyes glowed, sound effect gradually increased

The person walked to the dinosaur, reached out and touched it, the dinosaur awakened, and the light bar gradually turned on.

The camera quickly switches Pepsi, face, and dinosaur,

One last narration: open the next can of Pepsi and summon your canned beast

Work in Class

I have a skeleton of the dinasour which i will try to replicate with the cans.

I also have to make the circuit. But will make this after the skeleton is made.