Color changes (white and purple)

The working process

Soldering the circuit and testing the coding

Building a diagram that makes the Neopixel lights up gradually, putting a distance sensor and connects with these two.

First, we should test whether the diagram works or not, then to soldering all the wires we need.
Once it confirms, then we can move on the further soldering.

Spray painting

You can cut some paper stickers to make sure of the positions where you want. Go to youtube to find some sky painting tutorials. After that, you can start to spray paint. Please make sure the place is suitable for painting.

You can prepare two canvas, one for testing, the other one for the final.

As the materials that I mentioned before, you can decide to put the transparent semi-plastic balls or not. I was not satisfied with what it looked like once I covered all the holes with these.


Most people believe in astrology because their constellation has some common traits of a person’s personality. Without spending time learning about other people, we can have a little insight and personality based on the constellation.

I do not believe in a constellation until I grew up. Sometimes, I think both my parents what their behavior, the way they talk to each other is quite similar since then I start to believe that people said the same constellation has the same personality. (Also some online researches say that).

And Both my parents are Scorpio, I am as well. So, I choose to do the Scorpio!

With this wall decoration, which I can put in my house! When I see this decoration, it is only a beautiful arts but also reminds me of myself and my family.

The interesting part is that my mom and I’s birthday are on the same day, and my dad is one day early than us.

Besides, because my parents are still intimate to each other, it is also the marriage or relationship that I admire in the future.

they always make me remind poetry:

” you will be the clouds and I will be the sky.
you will be the ocean and I will be the shore.
you will be the trees and I will be the wind.
whatever we are, you and I will always collide.”
– r.m.drake.


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