Zhenxuan & Bi final project

This project is made by Zhenxuan and Bi, which we have named it as 千思万绪. This lamp was designed for the couple who might not live together yet or long-distance relationships. They would have each have a light and the remote which could control each other’s light.

Sometimes in a relationship, you will be kept thinking what is he/she doing right now, did he/ she eat or some kind of questions around in your mind. Or when we don’t have something worth to discuss but we want to communicate with each other. That’s why this lamp came out to address these issues between the couples with the emotional lamp to tell your feeling to your partner. For instance, when you feel sad, annoyed or happy, but words is not enough to reflect how your feeling now or negative impact reflect on your love. For that moment, turning on the light is assisting you to send a silent message that you want her/ him to know you miss him/ her, need comfort or what are you doing to your partner.

The lamp would be separated two-part to different places because the switch will put it in your partner’s home. Therefore, each of them can control each light to tell their needs without direct language. Also, the would-be installed on the ceiling at each home and the remote would be portable so that people could carry it or put it everywhere at home. 


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