Gameboy Advance Teardown

Tools I used:

  1. Triwing Screwdriver
  2. Phillips Screwdriver


  1. Screen – Thin Film Transister (TFT LCD Display)
  2. Front Cover – Plastic 
  3. Screws – Metal
  4. Buttons – Plastic
  5. Various Controls – Plastic
  6. Motherboard – Metal Components
  7. Game Slot – Metal Clip
  8. Back cover – Plastic 

Motherboard Components: 

  1. CPU – 32-bit Processer
  2. Cable Jack
  3. Speaker
  4. AMP AGB – Audio chip
  5. Volume Control
  6. Audio Jack 
  7. Cartridge Slot
  8. Power Switch

Interesting Design Elements: 

I had some difficulties at the beginning of this takedown because Nintendo uses specific screws on the exterior shell that require a triwing screwdriver to unscrew. After a couple of methods that didn’t work, I caved and got one and the magnetic tip proved very useful. I believe the reason they would use different screws would be to differentiate the interior screws from the exterior screws. After that, the takedown process was fairly easy. At the end of it I was surprised to find that there are a minimal amount of screws used and most of the parts were friction fit. Both design elements are interesting in that they help with efficiency and lessening any mistakes that could be made in assembly.

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