Katy’s Final Project

This project was influenced by the increase in people working from home due to the pandemic. It is meant to signal that the workday is over and that you can now relax and unwind. With this tutorial, I will be taking you through the steps so that you can also make your own personal cocktail shaker that will turn on exactly at 5 pm, using a nodemcu. This project was inspired by the Crickit Shaker and utilizes the stl files from the Ruiz Brothers.

Through this project, I learned that an important step of any project is thorough planning. During the final assembly, I had to make many adjustments such as making a new button hole and using the previous hole for the power cord. Being able to fit the top on was also another challenge since I had not anticipated the new circuit assembly, I finally able to fit it on by clipping off some parts. I also learned how to video editing through shooting the video that promoted the product. 

In the future, I would like to incorporate more color into the project. Since I didn’t have the facilities to spray paint this project, I didn’t want to risk the uneven paint job that would result with acrylic paints. 

Link to instructable: https://www.instructables.com/Shkn/

Katy’s Progress

Progress shot

1. Circuit Progress

Pictured above is the progress I made on my circuit diagram. Although this works through Tinkercad, I will need to add a motor driver to the next version of this.

2. Form progress

I am utilizing stl files from the Ruiz Brothers. I changed the box enclosure to fit the parts I got such as the illuminated button and patched up some other holes. I am currently in the midst of talking to two different people for printing, the vfl and another person.

Supplied stl files from the Ruiz Brothers

3. Storyboard Description

The scene starts on the profile of a woman at her computer. She is typing and she starts reaching for her coffee mug, promptly knocking it over and creating a mess. The camera will follow her for more scenes where she gets food on herself, etc. Her frustration with the day becomes more evident until she looks over at the clock on the wall and she realizes its almost five. The look on her face changes from frustration to contentment and she heads to the kitchen. The camera zooms in on the profile of the shaker. It turns on now that is 5pm and the woman touches the button to turn it off. She grabs her drink, relaxes, and exclaims an audible ahhh. The last shot will be of her setting a glass into the shaker for tomorrow. 

3. Links

Here is the link to my google doc:


Katy’s Shaken not stirred

For the first exercise, I was not able to get my pir motion sensor to be activated. However, the button exercise, pictured below, worked out. For my project, I will be doing a cocktail shaker that turns on at exactly 5 pm and turns on with a potentiometer.

Here is the inspiration for the shaker which lays out the majority of the supplies I will need. I will be making some changes such as the power source and I will not be using the crickit playground. I am also trying to source the hardware, but since I will only be needing two or three of each screw I might just need to buy in bulk anyways. My hope is that I can retrofit the existing stl files to the size of the breadboard and esp.


IoT Intro Exercises + Final Project brainstorming

Here is the button exercise. The wifi exercise also worked, but I forgot to get a screenshot of it.

The idea I am most tied to is the infinity mirror, but I am still searching for the aha moment.

Idea One: compatible objects shared between family members. Light will go on when family member across country has signaled it.

Idea Two: Infinity mirror that will print uplifting messages for moments of existential dread.

Idea Three: A cloud that mimics the weather conditions outside with sound and light. It responds to clapping hands.

The Petal Pusher

The final piece

I made a sunflower because I wanted a cute costume that utilized the zoom window, used old materials, and was something that I could then hang on my wall. This is a headpiece that will be converted into wall art. This project became more and more complicated as it was being made. The snaps were the most challenging part just because there are so many of them, but they work great. Originally I had intended to hot glue the petals onto the band but then I realized I needed to be able to move them around. For the improved version, I would tighten the elastic, I had left some room thinking I would need the space. but now with the weight of the stuffing and lights, it needs to be positioned further. Also, I would not attempt to incorporate 8 LED lights into a circle, it just gets too complicated and I would get a longer light strip. Through the process of making the petals, I learned that crinkling the petals could give more depth and that soldering directly to the micro controller gives a more stable connection. 

Materials List:

  1. -Flora (https://www.adafruit.com/product/659)
  2. -LED Strip (https://www.adafruit.com/product/3811)
  3. -On/Off Button (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1683)
  4. -Battery Pack (https://www.adafruit.com/product/4193)
  5. -Leftover Fabric, elastic, polyfill stuffing
  6. -Sew on snaps (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0857FVXHM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 )

I decided to take away the eight led lights since they weren’t working with the form and it also helped with the code as well.

For my code, I used buttoncycler since I liked the animations. To customize it, I changed the beginning colors to yellow, orange, and blue.

These are some of my process photos where you can see the evolution of the piece.

Katy’s Halloween Proposal

For my Halloween proposal, I added some snaps so that each component is removable and I figured out how to keep the led strip connected to the headband as well. For the reminder of this project, I have the majority of the soldering done, but I will still need to test out code to see if the individual led lights can run simultaneously with the led strip. Below are some of the prototyping petals I worked on to figure out how to give them more depth before settling on the pleats.

Katy’s Halloween Proposal

I wanted to use materials I already have from the plush night light project. So in line with the yellow theme, I am making a sunflower headband. There will be a flexible led strip encompassing my head and the ends of the leaves will have led lights connected to buttons.

For this Project I will need:

  1. Led strip (https://www.adafruit.com/product/3811)
  2. Flora controller ( https://www.adafruit.com/product/659)
  3. Buttons (https://www.adafruit.com/product/1119)
  4. Battery pack (already have)
  5. Resistors (already have)
  6. Led lights (already have)
  7. Elastic band (already have)
  8. Yellow fabric (already have)
  9. Polyfill (already have)
  10. Stiff green felt (optional)
  11. Darker yellow felt for texture (optional)
  12. Snap enclosures

Codes work and now I have to figure out how to combine code.

Katy’s Neopixel Circuit

My three costume ideas are a sunflower headband (ignore her face), Frida Kahlo inspired necklace, and a met gala inspired crown. 

The neopixel stick is facing away since my camera was unable to capture its brightness.
I would like to incorporate the Neopixel rings into my design. I tinkered with the coding here so that its specifically yellow and slowed down the delay.

Katy’s Sunrise Plushie

This plushie is intended for all ages and will be retrofitted as a mobile in the future. I used felt, polyfill filling, and cotton fabric. In the previous prototype, I used felt for the orange sunrays, but found it harder to connect to the yellow fabric with hidden seams. Opting for orange instead, I used fabric glue for this portion and for the facial features. I also added a middle panel on the sun so that the rays did not become distorted with the polyfill. For this project, I used three white led lights attached to a battery pack. In the future, I would probably use 1 or 2 more lights in yellow. Alongside the lights, I believe adding a push button to the wiring so that a switch is more accessible.

Katy Yuelapwan’s Plush Night Light Proposal

My plush night light will be the sun rising above the clouds. My idea is that this pillow could also be repurposed into a hanging mobile. The sun will be glowing with the use of led lights while the felt will be partially blocking it so the rays are distinct. This will be a particularly challenging project because the sun and the clouds are two separate entities sewn together. 

Starting sketches include a jellyfish with glowing tentacles and a mushroom with glowing dots.
Part of the making process. In the future, I need to add a middle panel so that it doesn’t get distorted with the addition of the stuffing.

Circuit Diagram:

I plan on using four led lights angled so that light is evenly dispersed through the sun. I am still deciding on whether or not to use yellow or orange for the glow.