The Petal Pusher

The final piece

I made a sunflower because I wanted a cute costume that utilized the zoom window, used old materials, and was something that I could then hang on my wall. This is a headpiece that will be converted into wall art. This project became more and more complicated as it was being made. The snaps were the most challenging part just because there are so many of them, but they work great. Originally I had intended to hot glue the petals onto the band but then I realized I needed to be able to move them around. For the improved version, I would tighten the elastic, I had left some room thinking I would need the space. but now with the weight of the stuffing and lights, it needs to be positioned further. Also, I would not attempt to incorporate 8 LED lights into a circle, it just gets too complicated and I would get a longer light strip. Through the process of making the petals, I learned that crinkling the petals could give more depth and that soldering directly to the micro controller gives a more stable connection. 

Materials List:

  1. -Flora (
  2. -LED Strip (
  3. -On/Off Button (
  4. -Battery Pack (
  5. -Leftover Fabric, elastic, polyfill stuffing
  6. -Sew on snaps ( )

I decided to take away the eight led lights since they weren’t working with the form and it also helped with the code as well.

For my code, I used buttoncycler since I liked the animations. To customize it, I changed the beginning colors to yellow, orange, and blue.

These are some of my process photos where you can see the evolution of the piece.

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