WarioWare Crew Member – Margarita’s Halloween Costume

I made these sunglasses after looking through inspiration photos of bedazzled sunglasses and realizing that it would be cool to have the lenses work as a backdrop and a diffuser for the LED feature. My initial idea was that the glasses would serve as “Seeing Fireworks” glasses and that was the basis for my costume. Upon pulling the outfit together, I found my husband’s scooter helmet and combined the helmet with the glasses, which made him think of WarioWare. So, I decided to rebrand my costume into “if I was a WarioWare crewmember what would I look like”.

The glasses are put on underneath the helmet and are connected to a tilt ball sensor that is worked manually off to the side to change the fireworks display. It’s not the most comfortable pair of glasses to wear as the wires I have are not long enough when I connect to the uno. So, I had to create this structure near me to hide the uno and hide my shaking the tilt sensor manually. Originally, I wanted to create the glasses with the GEMMA so I would not have to be connected to the uno and could turn the glasses on with the tilt sensor connected to the frames. However, I realized too late that I bought the GEMMA with the microUSB and I don’t have the connection for that so I decided to use the uno. The code was definitely tricky for me as well and thanks to my classmates and Becky I was able to get a lot of help so thank you all for that!

If I were to remake this costume, I would definitely make sure that I had all of the proper equipment from the get go including longer wires. I would also think more about the ‘story’ of my costume from the beginning so I could incorporate more elements ahead of time to help hide the wiring.

Materials Used:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Breadboard
  3. Wires
  4. Oversized Sunglasses
  5. Beads
  6. Hot Glue Gun + Glue
  7. Epoxy
  8. Aluminum Wire
  9. Bubble Wrap
  10. Black Duct Tape
  11. Two Neopixel Jewels
  12. Two Neopixel Rings (12 LEDs, RBGW)
  13. Ladyada’s Electronics Toolkit
  14. Tilt Sensor

Circuit Diagram and Arduino Code (Found in Tinkercad)

In Progress Imagery

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  1. Nice work, Margarita! It looks like you might be running am RGB configuration on your RGBW neopixel rings. Try switching it up for the code on the physical circuit and you’ll get more intentional color output.

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