Technicolor Fly – Stephen’s Halloween Costume

I wanted to make this costume, because I thought that this was a very funny moment in the VP Debate. I am very interested in politics and watch all of the debates. This country is at a pivotal moment and there is so much scary news centered around the election today. So I just wanted to make fun of Pence and this horrible administration with this idea. This costume is really just supposed to be funny and not very serious.

I put two neopixel rings in the center of bug eye glasses that I found online. The wires run along the left side of the glasses frame and down to the Arduino board. While finishing up the soldering, some of the tinning wire dripped down and hit one of the lights and burnt it out. The code was written so that the whole ring would light up, but I didn’t have the time to reorder and resolder.

If I were to do this project over again, I think I would be more ambitious and include more lights. I bought the glasses in a six pack since it was cheaper than getting just one. I think it would have been cool to have a 12 eyed mutated bug with 12 neopixel rings. I thought about doing that but the price of the rings deterred me. But overall this was a fun project for me. Halloween has never been a favorite holiday for me, so it was really nice for me to learn a new skill while making something that I found funny.

Arduino code:

Materials used:

Lots of hot glue was needed…
Testing out the lights
Circuit Diagram
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